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The list below contains all the payment options available to make a donation or a pledge payment on this site. Each individual donation page will guide you to the payment options for that particular campaign based on your location. For pledge payments use the General Donation option or click the PLEDGE PAYMENTS tab on the top right of the Seva Opportunities Page.

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Sponsor a Lokanath Maharaja 70th Anniversary Vyasa Puja Brick & Flag

Vyasa Puja date: July 12th, 2019

  • Sponsor a Lokanath Swami Brick inscribed with his name and yours
  • SPECIAL BONUS GIFT - A TOVP Victory Flag raised onto the Nrsimha dome
  • Help Maharaja build the TOVP for Srila Prabhupada
  • Only 1008 Bricks and Flags available
  • One year installment payment option
  • Maharaja will receive a list of all the campaign donors

7 Kirtanam Pillars Available on the Kirtan Samrat's 70th Anniversary Vyasa Puja!

His Holiness Lokanath Maharaja 70th Anniversary Vyasa Puja Celebration Seva Opportunity

The TOVP would like to honor the service of His Holiness Lokanath Maharaja on the most auspicious celebration of his 70th Vyasa Puja Anniversary with yet another opportunity to support the TOVP and help Maharaja build the temple for Srila Prabhupada. Announcing: the Lokanath Maharaja Brick/Flag Seva Campaign. Disciples of Maharaja can sponsor a custom-made brick inscribed with both his name and theirs to be placed under the Guru Parampara altar for all time. Additionally, as an exclusive bonus gift donors will receive a TOVP Victory Flag specially raised in Maharaja’s and their name onto the Nrsimha dome of the TOVP.

Only 1008 bricks and flags will be available for this ecstatic seva opportunity to help Maharaja serve Srila Prabhupada. Initiated and aspiring disciples can immediately make their donation below and either pay in full or in installments up to one year until July 2020. Maharaja will receive a list of all his disciples who donated for this campaign to recognize their service and personally offer it to Srila Prabhupada at the time of his next visit to Mayapur. He will also raise a TOVP Victory flag on behalf of all those disciples for their victory in fulfilling their pledge as part of our Live Your TOVP Pledge Campaign.

Don’t wait, these bricks and flags will go fast. Make your pledge today and take advantage of this 70th Vyasa Puja Anniversary seva offer while the bricks and coins last.

Additional Seva Opportunity - 7 Kirtanam Pillars Available on Maharaja's 70th Anniversary Vyasa Puja!

Mayapur is the kirtan capital of the world and 7 Kirtanam Pillars have been specially selected in the Nrsimha Wing to be sponsored with Maharaja's and the sponsor's name inscribed on them together in perpetuity. Maharaja is the ISKCON "Kirtan Samrat" and will lead the first kirtan at the TOVP Grand Opening in 2022. Take this opportunity to honor one of the pillars of kirtan in ISKCON, His Holiness Lokanath Maharaja, by sponsoring a Kirtanam Pillar on his 70th Vyasa Puja anniversary.

Select one of the seven pillar ID numbers below and click on the Kirtanam Pillar link. Fill out all the details and include the pillar ID number. Mention Maharaja's 70th anniversary Vyasa Puja in the Notes section.

  PLEASE NOTE: The pillar you select may already be taken so check the Pillar map on the Pillars of Devotion Page and be prepared to select another. Kirtanam Pillar installment payments can be made up to 2022 or paid off earlier if possible.

The 7 Pillar ID numbers which are currently available are: Kirtanam Pillar 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18. Sponsor a Kirtanam Pillar page.

  The below payment options are all set up for auto-withdrawal through recurring payments towards your pledge. If you prefer to make payments in your own time-frame, use the General Donations option and indicate this in the Notes section of the donation form along with the option you are donating for (Brick, Coin, etc.) each time you make a payment. If you prefer to make your pledge payments by check or bank transfer, go to the Donation Details/Contacts page and scroll down to your country for the check mailing address and bank transfer information. Note that if you are using this individual payment method you will have to remember to make your regular payments as you will not be on our auto-pay system. Your timely payments will be very much appreciated.

  PAYMENTS BY CHECK AND WIRE TRANSFER: To make payments by check go ​to Donation Details page. To make payments by bank wire transfer ​​go to Bank Transfer Details page.

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